Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Bark
Water Ghana

Professional career

since 11/2016
based in Berlin, Germany as freelance consultant/ expert and trainer/ moderator with short-term missions to developing and threshold countries (Asia, Africa and Southeast Europe)

08/2012 - 10/2016
based in New Delhi, India:

  • Coordination of Indo-German cooperation projects on ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)’ and ‘River basin management with focus on the river Ganga’
  • Technical support to Indo-German cooperation projects on environmental-friendly industrial production/ resource efficiency, water and sanitation as well as capacity development
  • Appraisal/ planning and evaluation (mission leader) of a series of development cooperation projects in the sectors environment, climate change adaptation, water and sanitation in India and other developing and threshold countries (mainly Africa)

07/2001 - 07/2012
based in Berlin, Germany:

  • Development and implementation of different training programs as PREMA® (Profitable Environmental Management’) and Chemical Management for small and medium-sized companies of different industrial sectors, water loss reduction for municipalities and water utilities, handling of civil society requests for personnel of the European Investment Bank
  • Appraisal/ planning and evaluation (mission leader) of a series of development cooperation projects in the fields of environmental protection, solid waste management and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in developing and threshold countries

07/1996 - 06/2001
based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - establishment as freelance consultant and trainer:

  • Short-term missions to developing countries (as Bosnia, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Mali, Thailand and Indonesia) for technical support and training in the fields of environmental management/ resource efficiency, water, sanitation and solid waste management

08/1993 - 06/1996
IMS Engineering/ Consultancy Firm, Hamburg
Consulting engineer in the fields remediation of industrial soil and groundwater contamination, solid waste management and environmental management

08/1992 - 07/1993
Technical University, Berlin
Scientific co-worker and head of the biochemist unit

01/1989 - 07/1992
Technical University, Berlin
Doctorate in environmental engineering, subject: ‘Polyphosphate dependent enzymes of different bacteria in correlation with the biological phosphate removal from waste water’

05/1987 - 07/1988
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Diploma (equivalent to Master's Degree) in biochemistry, subject: ‘Mapping of B-cell epitopes on the 70K protein of the U1 RNA-protein complex’